TEDxCCS:  One Diet Change Reversed CKD


Feb 17, 2023

TEDxCCS:  One Diet Change Reversed CKD

TEDxCCS:  One Diet Change

In this Ted Talk, Chef Duane Sunwold, a culinary instructor, shares his personal experience with Chronic Kidney Disease that led him to make significant changes to his diet. He discusses how his health improved as a result of this change and advocates for the importance of healthy eating habits.

Duane emphasizes the importance of understanding the connection between diet and health. He explains how his doctors were treating the symptom of high blood pressure, rather than the root cause of his illness. Through the recommendation of a registered dietician, the speaker embarked on an experiment to eliminate animal protein from his diet for 90 days. He discovered that dietary changes had a profound effect on his health, and he was able to put his kidney disease into remission. By changing his eating habits, the speaker was able to reduce his reliance on medication and achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Duane draws attention to the alarming rise in obesity rates in the United States. According to a 20-year study conducted by the CDC, the percentage of the population considered overweight has risen from less than 10% in 1990 to nearly 30% in 2010. The speaker also cites a successful school district program that focused on teaching students about healthy eating and scratch cooking. The program resulted in lower BMIs for every class in the school district.

Duane advocates for a shift in our eating habits towards more plant-based diets. He encourages people to embrace vegetarianism for at least one meal a week and make vegetables the star of their plate. By making small changes in our diets, we can achieve significant improvements in our health and wellbeing.

Duane's personal story highlights the importance of understanding the connection between diet and health. It also illustrates how dietary changes can have a significant impact on our health outcomes. The rise in obesity rates in the United States is a cause for concern, and initiatives like the school district program are important steps towards promoting healthy eating habits. By embracing more plant-based diets and making small changes in our eating habits, we can improve our overall health and wellbeing.

Duane ends his talk with this quote from Albert Einstein.

"Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."

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About Chef Duane Sunwold

Chef Duane Sunwold

Duane Sunwold is a culinary arts instructor at the Inland Northwest Culinary Academy at Spokane Community College. He changed his diet after he was diagnosed with kidney disease in 2000 and was able to reverse it by adopting a plant based diet.

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