TEDxOmaha: Take My Kidney....Please


Feb 17, 2023

TEDxOmaha:  Take My Kidney....Please

TEDxOmaha:  Take My Kidney....Please



On the TEDxOmaha Stage, Dan Howell, an optimist, shares his journey of becoming a living kidney donor. After learning that his friend, Brian, is in stage four renal failure and will likely need a kidney transplant, Dan decides to fill out an online survey to see if he can donate his kidney to Brian. The journey takes him through several steps, including lab work and a physical, before he ultimately becomes the 18th person at the University of Minnesota to donate a kidney this year. Dan explains the risks and benefits of being a living donor and encourages others to consider donating, noting that there are many people on waiting lists who could use a life-saving kidney transplant. Dan sees his decision to donate as a privilege and an adventure, and hopes that his story will inspire others to become living donors.

How You Can Help

If you are inspired to save a life and donate a kidney, you can find out how to do so in this article.

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About the Speaker

Dan Howell

Dan has over 30 years of senior leadership experience in the health and human service sector, serving both as a CEO and now a consultant. Dan leads with humor, compassion, honesty and kindness .Dan also has been privileged to present on topics from leadership to assisting persons with intellectual disabilities achieve a more inclusive and meaningful life He is a living kidney donor to a life long friend. Dan was honored to give a Tedx talk about his journey in becoming a living kidney donor.

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