ER Doctors Remove 2.5 lb Kidney Stone


Nov 15, 2022

ER Doctors Remove  2.5 lb Kidney Stone

ER Doctors Remove  2.5 lb Kidney Stone

Emergency Room Visit Revels Huge Stone

Emergency room doctors worldwide are familiar with kidney stones. Estimates are that about one in every 10 people will develop kidney stones during their lifetime.  However, the largest stone most doctors will ever see is roughly golf ball sized.   Doctors in Hungary removed a kidney stone the size of a coconut.   A man named Sandor Sarkadi made a visit to the emergency department in Debrecen, Hungary, about 150 miles east of Budapest.  An x-ray revealed Sarkadi had a kidney stone that measured 17 centimeters in diameter inside of him. 

Doctors immediately scheduled surgery  at the Kenezy Gyula Hospital and removed the huge stone, saying the surgery went well and was without any complications.  The kidney stone weighed a staggering 2.48 pounds.  Kidney stones normally range in size from as small as a grain of sand to as large as golf ball sized, making the coconut sized one removed from Sarkadi a pretty impressive size.  

Most stones are able to pass through the body by themselves within hours to a few days time, with doctors advising increased fluids to help the stone to pass.  Larger stones that will not pass sometimes are surgically removed, or broken into smaller pieces that then are able to pass from the body.  

Over half a million people each year are treated in emergency departments for kidney stones.

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Pictured: The 2.5lb kidney stone the size of a coconut surgeons removed from a man's stomach

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