Study Finds Telehealth Can Eases Dialysis Patients Chronic Fatigue & Pain


Jun 26, 2023

Study Finds Telehealth Can Eases Dialysis Patients Chronic Fatigue & Pain

Revolutionizing Dialysis Care: Telehealth's Leap Forward in Patient Management

If you or a loved one undergoes dialysis due to end-stage kidney disease (ESKD), you probably know about the distressing symptoms that often come with it, such as fatigue, pain, and depression. With limited treatment options available, scientists are continuously trying to find effective ways to help dialysis patients manage these symptoms and improve their quality of life. In a recent study, a new approach was tested, and it showed promising results.

What was the Study About?

The researchers conducted a study with 160 adult dialysis patients from New Mexico and Pennsylvania, who experienced significant levels of fatigue, pain, or depression. They aimed to see whether a new telehealth-based intervention called Technology Assisted Stepped Collaborative Care (TĀCcare) could improve these symptoms. This study was published in the June 2023 issue of JAMA.

TĀCcare consists of twelve weekly sessions of psychological therapy called cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and/or medication adjustments delivered through telehealth, meaning via the internet. The therapy was given during dialysis sessions or at the patients' homes. The patients were compared to a control group, who received six sessions of health education through telehealth.

What were the Findings?

After three months, patients who received TĀCcare showed significant improvements in fatigue and pain levels compared to the control group. These positive effects lasted until six months. The improvement in depression was statistically significant but quite small. Importantly, the number of adverse events, like hospitalizations or severe health issues, were similar in both groups.

What does this Mean?

The results suggest that the TĀCcare approach could be a valuable treatment option for dialysis patients struggling with fatigue and pain. It highlights the potential of using telehealth as a tool to deliver effective interventions to manage these debilitating symptoms associated with dialysis.

This study is a stepping stone towards improving the quality of life for dialysis patients. As technology continues to develop, telehealth interventions like TĀCcare might become more common, providing patients with a practical and effective way to manage their symptoms.

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